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We Have 12 Years of
Experience in Medical Missions

I Care Grace International (ICGI) is a nonprofit organization (501 (C) 3) whose purpose is to improve access to healthcare through medical missions. We accomplish this by by organizing medical missions internationally to reach and assist rural communities through

  • Education
  • Comprehensive Community Health services
  • Spiritual Care
  • Our primary focus is on empowering the community through education. I Care Grace International (ICGI) will make every effort to provide a lasting impact on the individuals we train and in the communities which we support. As we enter each mission our strategy is to focus on ongoing health education mainly disease prevention. Outreach will be primarily based around a continuing educational training program directed toward local health professionals and community leaders. We aim to teach those who will become local teachers to aid in the dissemination of information on disease prevention and general healthy practices as well as basic treatments and referral services.
  • Our Secondary focus is to provide comprehensive community healthcare services by building health centers and providing primary care on site by our staff of doctors and nurses. We will be working as a team to provide care to those in need at their local sites. Most hospitals are not accessible to those in smaller villages and we wish to make these basic services available
  • Our Tertiary focus revolves around our connection with the faith based organization. As our research indicates, most of our clients have trust and faith in the Christian religion. We will work with local churches to incorporate not only spiritual care and individual learning but leadership education series for the pastors, community leaders and rising youth leaders in the community. In this manner we provide a practical application of faith to their way of living while giving them strong tools to use within the church and their communities
  • ICGI is a Platform Company. We link individuals, groups and communities in America with those in Kenya by
• Matching interests, abilities, and time frame of the mission
• Providing education, orientation and spiritual resources before and during the mission
• Arranging international travel schedules and airline ticketing
• Assisting with necessary visas, permits, and other field requirements
• Coordinating field housing and transportation
• Assisting volunteers in handling financial details related to overseas service


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