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About Us

About Us

Our History

ICGI conducted the first medical mission of its own kind to Kapsabet District, currently Nandi County, in Rift Valley, Kenya in 2011. A team of 16 missionaries from USA that included Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Occupational therapists, Mental health professionals and Religious leaders paved the way for future medical missionaries to Show More

Our Mission

Our mission is to Improve Access to Health Care in Rural Communities in Kenya. Our purpose is to save lives and promote long-term comprehensive healthcare in rural communities in Kenya. Our primary focus is empowering the community through health education. We focus on disease prevention and health promotion and medical treatment. We pro

Our Team

I Care Grace International (ICGI) is a nonprofit organization (501) (C) (3) registered in the state of Virginia. We are a platform company that provide opportunity to health professionals and other individual to travel to Kenya for mission trips, to provide health services in the rural communities. The team include voluntee medical doctor

About the Founder of ICGI

The president and founder of I Care Grace international is Jennifer Khaziga Kilel.

I Care Grace International was founded by Dr. Jennifer Kilel, a native of Western Kenya and a current resident of Virginia in the USA. The inspiration came not only from her humble beginning as a community health nurse in Kenya but from her mother Lois Isend

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